P871: Undergraduate Instrumental Analysis: Project-based labs and service learning used as student training tools

Author: Dale LeCaptain, Central Michigan University, USA

Co-Author: Janice Tomasik, Central Michigan University, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 3:40 PM4:00 PM

Room: MAN 107

Related Symposium: S60

Practicing analytical chemistry in the real world requires scientists to solve problems. This is not just running a pre-checked HPLC to find caffeine in their coffee, altering the gradient to observe retention time, and then writing a lengthy report on column efficiency as it relates to the altered chromatographic parameters. In reality, each new technique or method is not laid out linearly in an outline where the question or problem to solve that correlates to an upcoming exam evaluation. Analytical equipment breaks, methods need to adapted and developed, project goals change, communication is more important than the results, and the list goes on for what is expected of students when they enter the workplace. This presentation will discuss the design of an advanced analytical chemistry course with field experiences and lab activities held at a microbrewery to illustrate the real-life application of the content. Also presented will be the student responses to the experience as determined by an open-ended questionnaire given at the end of the course.