P690: Computer simulations, animations and guided-inquiry activities for general chemistry

Author: Thomas J. Greenbowe, Iowa State University, USA

Co-Author: John I. Gelder, Oklahoma State University, USA; Michael R. Abraham, University of Oklahoma, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 11:50 AM12:10 PM

Room: LTT 102

Related Symposium: S17

Computer simulations and animations, when properly integrated into an instructional module, can potentially provide teachers with a powerful teaching tool. Our Next Infinity Project integrates the use of web-based computer simulations with guided-inquiry activities based on a Learning Cycle approach. “Before”, “During”, and “After” activities are used to help students gain a better understating of concepts in general chemistry. Instead of doing readings or assigned end-of-chapter homework problems in a textbook, computer simulations and scenarios help student’s structure and carry out experiments designed to answer researchable questions. During class students work in small groups to generate and analyze pooled data. The instructor can then use the data to invent a concept. After class students can then apply the concept. A beta version of a computer scenario will be presented along with an accompanying activity.