P689: Before, during and after class activities in introductory chemistry: Activities and exemplar

Author: John I. Gelder, Oklahoma State University, USA

Co-Author: Michael R. Abraham, The University of Oklahoma, USA; Thomas J. Greenbowe, Iowa State University, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 11:30 AM11:50 AM

Room: LTT 102

Related Symposium: S17

As a result of funding from the National Science Foundation CCLI-EMD (TUES) we have been adding to an existing collection of inquiry-oriented activities that can be used in a large lecture environment (although the activities are not limited to the large lecture environment). The activities are based on a Learning Cycle approach and engage students Before Class, During Class and After Class. The Before Class activities are web-based and are used to either generate data that is used During Class to invent concepts, or as a means of determining student prior knowledge of the topic to be discussed. During Class students work in small groups using a written activity or under the instructor’s direction to invent a concept. After class another web-based activity allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the invented concept. The second paper will dwell on a specific example of how we are using computer simulations and Before Class, During Class and After Class activities to develop a concept with students in a large lecture environment.