P688: Before, during and after class activities in introductory chemistry: Theory and web site

Author: Michael R. Abraham, Oklahoma State University, USA

Co-Author: John I. Gelder, Oklahoma State University, USA; Thomas J. Greenbowe, Iowa State University, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 11:10 AM11:30 AM

Room: LTT 102

Related Symposium: S17

As a result of funding from the National Science Foundation CCLI-EMD (TUES) we have been adding to an existing collection of inquiry-oriented activities that can be used in a large lecture environment (although the activities are not limited to the large lecture environment). The activities are based on a Learning Cycle approach and engage students Before Class, During Class and After Class. The Before Class activities are web-based and are used to either generate data that is used During Class to invent concepts, or as a means of determining student prior knowledge of the topic to be discussed. During Class students work in small groups using a written activity or under the instructor’s direction to invent a concept. After class another web-based activity allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the invented concept. In the first paper we will describe the theoretical basis for the activities and introduce the project web site where the activities are available for use in your classroom.