P541: Flipping a large lecture of GOB chemistry

Author: Allison Soult, University of Kentucky, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 2:05 PM2:25 PM

Room: LTT 101

Related Symposium: S21

Four days of lecture in a one-semester GOB course for pre-nursing students is not the ideal, engaging learning environment. I have used a combination of in-class lectures, classroom-based activities, videos, and interactive online activities to create a variety of resources that best suit the content being taught. Student engagement and buy-in for working in groups was critical to the success of this project. Groups for in-class activities were constructed using an abbreviated personality survey to create diverse combinations of students and group evaluations were completed using CATME (http://info.catme.org/). While the ability to work with others is important in most professions, one could argue that it is most important in healthcare fields. I will present comparisons of exam results correlated to how material was taught, share feedback from students on their experiences with this model, and share my own experiences including what I will do differently in the future, what will stay the same, and how I manage the logistics of dealing with 200+ students in the class.