P468: Electronic laboratory notebook use in the majors’ laboratories at the University of Notre Dame

Author: Steven M. Wietstock, University of Notre Dame, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 9:55 AM10:15 AM

Room: MAK B1120

Related Symposium: S40

As we move into the 21st century, many of the positions that students will encounter will use some form of electronic record keeping. Therefore, to better prepare students for these careers, the majors’ laboratories at the University of Notre Dame have switched to an electronic notebook (ELN) system, the GoLIMS Course App. This presentation will focus on the development and implementation of the web-based GoLIMS ELN in the majors’ courses. The ELN provides a faculty interface for uploading lab procedures and notebook templates, and maintaining class/group rosters. Students have the ability to enter data, graphics (spectra, TLCs, …) and files into the ELN using any web-based device (computers/tablets/smartphones). The final laboratory reports are also submitted via the ELN. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and faculty have the ability to grade and comment directly in the notebook pages. Student and TA feedback about the ELN will be discussed.