P35: Iowa chemistry teachers’ perceptions of NGSS and their professional development needs in light of a looming adoption of NGSS

Author: Sarah B. Boesdorfer, University of Northern Iowa, USA

Co-Author: Kristin Staude, University of Northern Iowa, USA

Date: 8/3/14

Time: 2:05 PM2:25 PM

Room: MAK B1112

Related Symposium: S6

While there are a number of similarities between Iowa’s state science curriculum and NGSS, similar to other states, there are some important differences between Iowa’s curriculum and NGSS. Iowa’s situation is similar to other states. It has been recommended that Iowa adopt NGSS as part of its science curriculum, but no action has been taken yet to formally adopt them. Iowa chemistry teachers were surveyed and a random sample interviewed in an effort to understand the teachers’ current knowledge and practices as they relate to NGSS and specifically engineering in the chemistry classroom. In addition, the teachers described what they saw as their needs for professional development if the state were to fully adopt NGSS. The results are presented in this paper. Iowa chemistry teachers’ insight provide some guidance for the chemistry education community to support high school teachers in effectively adopting NGSS.