P196: How cognitive science favors (and probably requires) flipped instruction [WITHDRAWN]

Author: Eric A. Nelson, Retired


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 12:10 PM12:30 PM

Room: LTT 101

Related Symposium: S21

Chemistry education is inter-disciplinary: half chemistry and half how the student brain works and in particular how it solves problems in well-structured domains. Recent cognitive science suggests that student learning in chemistry involves 4 components: motivation, thorough memorization of facts, automation of problem-solving procedures, and the organization of facts and procedures into a conceptual framework that powers the fluent recall needed for problem solving, in that order. This presentation will argue that flipped instruction which uses contact time with students to promote interest and conceptual understanding, and study time to automate the mastery of facts and procedures, is a well-suited and perhaps even necessary approach to teaching for the current generation of students.