P113: ChemDraw for iPad as a tool for classroom engagement

Author: Layne A. Morsch, University of Illinois Springfield, USA

Co-Author: Hans Keil, PerkinElmer, USA

Date: 8/3/14

Time: 3:05 PM3:25 PM

Room: LTT 102

Related Symposium: S17

Over the past year, I have been integrating ChemDraw for iPad into my undergraduate organic chemistry lectures. We are able to work problems together in class while sharing the results with the embedded Flick-to-Share feature. Classroom participation and engagement with the material has increased compared to previous classes. I will show several types of in-class activities and explain how I incorporate ChemDraw for iPad into my teaching. Successes and difficulties in integrating ChemDraw for iPad into the course will be discussed as well as how some difficulties have been addressed.