P943: Impact of molecular complexity on student performance

Author: Zachary Farley, Kennesaw State University, USA

Co-Author: Kimberly Linenberger, Kennesaw State University, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 5:15 PM6:30 PM

Room: LIB

Related Symposium: S33

Determining R/S isomer configuration is a canonical task in organic chemistry classes. However, little information is known about how the molecules professors choose to put on assessments impact students’ ability to interpret molecules and assigning R/S configurations. By giving 1st semester organic chemistry students an online survey we obtained the response time, mental effort and accuracy of the answer. The survey contained 12 structures where students had to assign R/S configuration. The data collected was used to calculate the efficiency of each structure in aiding students in correctly assigning R/S configuration. The discussion will include the efficiency of each structure and how structures that are shown on assessments impact students’ performance.