P351: Juice from Juice: Outreach that integrates dye-sensitized solar cells and renewable energy education into high school science curricula

Author: Tania Darnton, California Institute of Technology, USA

Co-Author: Harry B. Gray, Caltech, USA

Date: 8/4/14

Time: 2:05 PM2:25 PM

Room: MAK B1120

Related Symposium: S34

Juice from Juice is an established outreach program based at the California Institute of Technology that supports chemical educators in integrating renewable energy concepts in their curricula through a free workshop focused on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). A robust and inexpensive DSSC with measurable current and voltage output may be fabricated in less than twenty minutes using conductive glass, blackberry juice, titanium dioxide paste, and an electrolyte coupled with sunlight. DSSCs based on naturally occurring photosensitive dyes (such as anthocyanin, found in blackberries) offer a superior platform for the multidisciplinary teaching of solar energy because they incorporate concepts from chemistry, physics, biology, and environmental science. Furthermore, the intellectual accessibility of the experiment to high school students has fostered further independent investigation in the form of self-directed research, science projects, and science fair submissions.