P205: Development of interest in chemistry through miraculous demonstrations [WITHDRAWN]

Author: Sudesh Bhaskar Ghoderao, RNC Arts, JDB Commerce and NSC Science College, India


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 10:15 AM10:35 AM

Room: ASH 2302

Related Symposium: S23

A large number of people believed in so-called miracles because of a lack of scientific knowledge. The scientific principles underlying a particular “miracle” can be found out with a scientific disposition. Many Godmen and Quacks with motive of exploiting and harming superstitious people mentally, physically and financially, perform so called miracles. Many chemical educators perform demonstrations to simplify concepts in chemistry. With the miraculous demonstrations, concepts like exothermic reactions generally leading to combustion and the principles underlying titrations involving color change are made easy and understandable. The miraculous demonstrations are used to develop interest in students about chemical sciences, explanation of so-called miracles, development of a scientific disposition, as well as an eradication of blind faith. In the present study, miraculous demonstrations, and a booklet prepared about these demonstrations, are used at undergraduate level as an educational tool. Student feedback, gathered through a pre and post questionnaire, was analyzed, and shows that the miraculous demonstrations are (i) favored by student as an attempt to increase interest in chemistry, (ii) exciting and surprising, (iii) should be incorporated in chemistry curriculum, and (iv) that students are eager to know the chemical science behind these so-called miracles.