P210: Incorporating guided-inquiry learning into the organic chemistry laboratory

Author: S. Jane Myong, Sinclair Community College, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 9:35 AM9:55 AM

Room: MAK A1117

Related Symposium: S24

The cCWCS workshop on Teaching Guided-Inquiry Organic Chemistry Labs inspired me to add inquiry learning into my traditional organic chemistry labs. I have modified the synthesis of n-butyl bromide from n-butyl alcohol lab into a guided-inquiry lab by using GC/MS. I have assigned different reaction times to each group of students in order to study the progress of the reaction. Through the GC/MS analyses of the product to reactant ratios, we found out that the reaction time can be reduced from the time suggested in the lab manual, and we also found out that a minor amount of 2-butyl bromide was formed in the reaction via SN1 and rearrangement processes.