An Open Meeting with the College Board

Author: Roger Kugel, Paul Price, Jamie Benigna, and Serena Magrogan, Roger Kugel (University of Cincinnati), Paul Price (Trinity Valley School), Jamie Benigna Ê(The Roeper School), Serena Magrogan (College Board)


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 9:30 AM9:55 AM


Related Symposium:

Join the Chief Reader for AP Chemistry, College Board representatives, and members of the Test Development Committee for a discussion of several issues relating to AP Chemistry. ÊAgenda Items Include: (1) Lessons Learned from the 2014 AP Chemistry Examination – Roger Kugel, Chief Reader (University of Cincinnati) Participants will examine the results of the 2014 AP Chemistry Exam administration with the Chief Reader and members of the AP Chemistry Test Development Committee. The exam topics and questions that students found most challenging will be identified discussed and analyzed. Participants will then compare these areas with AP Chemistry topics that were most challenging to their students. The presenter will assist participants in developing individual strategies for implementing best practices in their own schools and classrooms to address challenging topics from the course and exam. (2) Building Confidence with the Science Practices in AP Chemistry – Paul Price (Trinity Valley School), Jamie Benigna (The Roeper School), and Serena Magrogan (College Board) Perhaps the most significant change to the AP Chemistry curriculum is the emphasis on science practices. ÊFor many, designing instructional strategies that allow students to gain confidence in content in the context of the science practices can be a daunting task. ÊJoin members of the AP Test Development Committee as they examine both how the science practices were implemented on the 2014 AP Chemistry exam and discuss strategies from their classrooms on how to engage students both in the content and process of AP Chemistry.