P131: Getting out to stay in: PD is key

Author: Rebecca Caldwell, Trenton High School, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 9:35 AM9:55 AM

Room: MAK BLL 126

Related Symposium: S5

Even as a high school student, I was fully aware that times were tough in education. Days were spent sitting through standardized tests instead of the classroom, pink slips at the end of the year for favorite teachers, and the stress on school program cuts to help the district stay on budget. None the less, I was convinced my experiences on the other side of the lab table would be different. Now after more than 10 years in the teaching profession with similar experiences, including several pink slips, I wondered if I could continue on with the same passion and commitment I once carried into school each day. During this talk, I will discuss how it took a commitment to getting out of the classroom more that reaffirmed my decision to stay in the profession. I would like to share how I took advantage of free and inexpensive opportunities to connect with other educators and scientists. It was these encounters that allowed me to prioritize what is important in education and understand the value of professional development. While I enjoy opportunities to be out of the classroom, I have recently found working with a student teacher and mentoring new teachers has given me an equally important chance to development professionally.