P986: College chemistry on the high school campus: A model for success

Author: Phil McBride, Eastern Arizona College, USA


Date: 8/7/14

Time: 9:35 AM9:55 AM

Room: MAK A1111

Related Symposium: S69

Eastern Arizona College, a rural community college in southeastern Arizona, offers dual enrollment courses to high school students in the surrounding communities. These courses provide high school students an opportunity to begin their college experience in a structured manner. Challenges and successes will be discussed as we explore the teaching of college chemistry on the high school campus. It is often difficult to find an individual who is qualified to teach college chemistry and has the temperament and patience to teach high school students. Many of the students taking dual enrollment courses are the same students that are participating in music and sports. These students often miss class once or twice a week to participate in extra-curricular activities. While some high school students are highly motivated, others lack the work ethic to achieve at a high level, which may affect their future education. Other challenges involve working around shortened schedules due to assemblies, teacher in-service half-days, and standardized testing. Laboratory activities are a vital part of the chemistry curriculum but have to be adapted for a 58-minute classroom setting. Dual Enrollment is becoming an integral part of the high school experience. It is important that we provide a quality course, maintain high standards, and be able to deal with the life of an active teenager.