P471: What have I learned from a pilot project in ELN implementation?

Author: Michael D. Seymour, Hope College, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 11:10 AM11:30 AM


Related Symposium:

After graduation our chemistry majors may well arrive in a laboratory where the ELN has replaced the traditional paper notebook. In order to provide students with some experience in this area of technology, I initiated a pilot project in the upper level analytical laboratory to learn what it would take to make the ELN a part of the standard procedure for this course. The commercial product Accelrys Notebook was selected for evaluation. Some of the trade-offs between the paper and paperless notebook, such as costs, faculty time for implementation, and notebook grading will be discussed, as well as questions about scalability across the entire departmental laboratory program and what an ELN portfolio for a student might look like if it were implemented for all labs during their undergraduate years.