P692: Unlikely Ed Fellows: How Bill Simmons, the Amish, and Edwin Porter helped me transform the classroom

Author: Matthew W. Stoltzfus, The Ohio State University, USA


Date: 8/6/14

Time: 9:35 AM9:55 AM

Room: LTT 101

Related Symposium: S21

Sal Khan’s TED Talk: “Let’s use video to reinvent education” put the flipped classroom on the map and many instructors, including myself, created video lectures in hopes of transforming the classroom. But research from Rosiland Picard’s group shows that students brain activity flat lines during two activities: watching TV and when they are in class. With lecture videos we are combining these two activities and hoping that our lecture videos magically capture our students attention. Three main strategies to engage students in a flipped classroom will be discussed. Soliciting student responses prior to lecture to pique student curiosity, similar to the way ESPN columnist Bill Simmons does in his mailbag. Taking the mindset of the Amish to only using technology when it’s necessary. Using simulations to allow our students to view chemical reactions from a different perspective, similar to the way Edwin Porter did when he took the camera off the tripod with his film “The Great Train Robbery.”