P424: POGIL vs. lecture in an organic chemistry classroom: Does it make a difference in student performance?

Author: Matthew DeMatteo and Melinda Greer, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 11:30 AM11:50 AM

Room: MAN 122

Related Symposium: S15

In order to promote comprehension rather than memorization of organic chemistry, a combination of POGIL activities (Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) coupled with a flipped classroom model was evaluated and compared to a traditional lecture/recitation method of instruction. Two different instructors teaching two different classes of students made use of an alternating design in which certain units were instructed using the POGIL/flipped classroom model while other units were instructed using a traditional lecture/recitation model. Student performance on exam questions was compared for the POGIL and the traditional units. In addition, students were asked to complete Likert scale surveys and free-response questions to assess their perceptions of the units and the methodologies employed in their instruction. The data were compared and the results are presented herein. A discussion of the possible implications for chemistry education will be presented.