P269: Progressive approach to improving undergraduate science writing through laboratory courses

Author: Marta K. Maron, University of Colorado Denver, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 2:05 PM2:25 PM

Room: MAN 123

Related Symposium: S8

Communication skills through written form for chemistry undergraduates are fundamentally important to their transformation from novice to expert chemists. However, many students who can successfully complete the undergraduate chemistry curriculum are not able to effectively construct and communicate scientific meaning in written form. This presentation describes the development and implementation of a science writing scaffold across three laboratory courses, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry I (Quantum Mechanics), and Instrumental Analysis, to improve student writing skills. A progressive approach to introducing how to write journal style documents, integrations of peer-review, TA-review, and revision will be discussed as a means to allow students to improve and progress towards autonomy in their writing through laboratory courses. Improvement of the students’ writing abilities was monitored using individual writing assignments and a performance-based assessment.