P404: Food and forensics: Topics for liberal arts courses in chemistry

Author: Lisa M. Reilly, Bethany College, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 11:50 AM12:10 PM

Room: MAN 102

Related Symposium: S2

During the summers of 2012 and 2013, cCWCS experiences resulted in two major curriculum changes in liberal arts courses in our program. Food Chemistry (2012) presented a wealth of knowledge of the science behind cooking that was incorporated into a first year experience course titled “Food, Fads, and Culture.” The course was developed as a science-based, reading intensive offering for students as part of our institution’s program to assist students transitioning from high school to college courses. The three-week intensive course involved daily lab experiences in the kitchen, student-led cultural presentations, and field trips including one to a local organic farm. All of the ideas implemented were modeled to match the format and material learned in the Food Chemistry workshop. The course received high student evaluations and had a higher demand than previous topics. After the benefits gained from the Food Chemistry workshop, the revitalization of an “Introduction to Forensic Science” course was completed. After attending the workshop in 2013, implementation of the material has occurred during this academic year. Project-based forensic cases were utilized and the success of the course and areas for improvement will be presented. Additionally, further information about ideas pending regarding the execution of upper level chemistry courses in both areas for the following years will be discussed.