P1025: #molympics 2: The events

Author: Kristin Gregory, West Geauga High School, USA


Date: 8/7/14

Time: 9:55 AM10:15 AM

Room: MAK A1151

Related Symposium: S76

If you haven’t heard about #molympics, then come see what it’s all about and join the fun! Try your hand at three of the events and experience for yourself how learning about the mole can be challenging and fun while reinforcing your students’ skills in measurement and estimation. Even if you haven’t mentioned moles by Mole Day, its okay, your students will love it (and learn it). Register your high school chemistry classes to join this global event on Mole Day for #molympics 2014 and see if your school can take home the #molympics trophy.

P31: Plan your own lessons

Author: Kristin Gregory, West Geauga High School, USA


Date: 8/3/14

Time: 2:45 PM3:05 PM

Room: MAK BLL 126

Related Symposium: S5

You’re an expert in the classroom. You’re a whiz at planning engaging learning activities for scores of teenagers who may or may not find chemistry to be the most fascinating topic they’ve ever encountered. So what do you do for yourself? Do you “plan your own lessons”? Are you making an effort to search out personal learning activities that enrich your teaching and lead you toward your own goals for growth? Do you even know where to start? In this session, I’ll share information about my path to becoming a better teacher and how stepping outside of my comfort zone (e.g. my building and surrounding community) led me to a renewed excitement about teaching the topics that I was good at teaching because I pushed myself to learn more by asking for and listening to the advice of online peers who share similar goals. I’ll also discuss my experiences as a teacher-leader within my school district, and how finding opportunities to enact change from within have helped me to improve the learning environment for my students and for myself. Please join me.