P695: Using a flipped class to engage general chemistry students

Author: Kara Tierney, Monroe Community College, USA


Date: 8/6/14

Time: 10:35 AM10:55 AM

Room: LTT 101

Related Symposium: S21

In an effort to decrease my time lecturing to students and increase the time for student-student and instructor-student interactions, I began partially flipping my first-semester General Chemistry classes in Fall 2013. (I flip the class about once a week.) This presentation will discuss some key aspects to successfully flipping a class, including goals to be addressed by flipping, choosing appropriate technologies, ensuring student buy-in, planning for unprepared students, and how to use the newly freed-up classroom time. In addition, I will discuss my experience with issues related to flipping small and relatively large classes (with 26 and 52 students, respectively). Finally, I will share lessons learned, data on student performance, and feedback from students in the class.