P578: Motivating students by using a combination of case-based learning approach and video summaries: A pilot study

Author: Jyotsna Thota, Georgia State University, USA

Co-Author: Suazette Reid Mooring and Tiffany Nichole Witter, Georgia State University, USA

Date: 8/5/14

Time: 3:40 PM4:00 PM

Room: LOH 164

Related Symposium: S41

Survey of Chemistry I (Chem 1151) comprises of a fairly large course at Georgia State University. The class sizes range from 75 – 150 students. Students who have been in the work force for a long period of time and are making career changes are primarily enrolled in this course. Many of these students aspire to become nurses or other allied health professionals. During some semesters, this class is combined with Chem 1101 that comprises of non-science (accountancy, business etc.) major students who are enrolled in this class for degree requirements. In general, students express a high level of anxiety about chemistry and are lacking interest and motivation. We have conducted a pilot study to determine if a combination of case-based learning and video summaries of lecture material will have an effect of students’ anxiety levels and motivation in the course. The results of students’ perceptions of these interventions, results of a Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire, and lessons learned will be presented.