P606: Shall we dance?

Author: Jui-Lin She, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 4:40 PM5:00 PM

Room: MAK BLL 126

Related Symposium: S47

Dry ice is great for a demonstration of sublimation. It also forms carbonic acid when dissolved in water, which turns the water more acidic. With 4 dry ice cubes, spoons of washing soda, dishwashing liquid, and some acid-base indicators, you could show a series of demonstrations. The demonstrations could be related to chemical structure, intermolecular forces, physical properties of materials, as well as acids, bases and indicators. The subjects could be extended to colloids and the Tyndall effect, phase diagrams and supercritical fluids, and environmental and life sciences. The demonstration had been shown to high school students and teachers with intense reflection. Dance with the sublimation of dry ice for ten minutes and get to know the world around carbon dioxide. References and teaching resources are available and will be shared in the talk.