P503: Teachers’ use of assessment results in high school chemistry classrooms: The practice of data-driven inquiry

Author: Jordan Harshman, Miami University, USA

Co-Author: Ellen Yezierski, Miami University, USA

Date: 8/5/14

Time: 11:10 AM11:30 AM

Room: MAK A1111

Related Symposium: S45

High school chemistry teachers usually find themselves with stacks of homework, quizzes, and activities at the end of the week. Besides assigning a grade, what can teachers tell about their students’ understanding and their own teaching? A qualitative study investigated four aspects of a framework aimed to answer this question called data-driven inquiry. In a data-driven inquiry framework, teachers determine (1) the purpose(s) of assessments and items therein; (2) conclusions that can be made about teaching and learning; (3) what evidence is used to support their conclusions; and (4) the resulting instructional actions. A total of 19 high school chemistry teachers participated in interviews probing these aspects broadly (all chemistry assessments in their class) and specifically (one assessment and a selection of specific items on that assessment). The findings provide some suggestions for chemistry teachers who wish to use student data from homework and other assessments to improve their teaching. Results and applications will be presented.