P220: Eye tracking conceptual problems in stoichiometry

Author: John Y. Baluyut, Iowa State University, USA

Co-Author: Thomas A. Holme, Iowa State University, USA

Date: 8/4/14

Time: 11:10 AM11:30 AM

Room: LOH 164

Related Symposium: S25

This study used eye tracking methods to validate an online instrument consisting of conceptual problems on limiting reagents and yields that used differently sized and colored spheres to represent atoms and molecules. Student subjects were sampled from those registered in the first semester of a one-year general chemistry course during the fall of 2013 and who completed the online instrument on limiting reagents and yields. Students’ views of these images as well as how they used information from the text and other parts of each problem were examined through measurements of their eye fixations. Data obtained from student subjects were also compared with those from graduate teaching assistants who have recently taught general chemistry courses. Patterns of eye fixation frequency, duration, and sequence, their correlations with accuracy of responses as well as the cognitive processes (determined through retrospective think-alouds) that took place while students solved these problems will be discussed.