P573: Using Notability, a tablet application, as an alternative to electronic laboratory notebook software

Author: January Haile, Centre College, USA

Co-Author: Jennifer Muzyka and Kerry A. Pickin, Centre College, USA

Date: 8/5/14

Time: 3:05 PM3:25 PM

Room: MAK B1120

Related Symposium: S40

In the chemistry program at Centre College, the faculty instituted electronic laboratory notebooks for all research students beginning Summer 2012. Each student is provided an iPad preloaded with the appropriate software, specifically Notability and Dropbox. The students use the iPad application, Notability, to record data. These files are shared as PDFs with the appropriate faculty members and students collaborating on the same project. The current method for sharing files as PDFs is Dropbox.

P112: Web-Based learning tools for organic chemistry

Author: Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College, USA


Date: 8/3/14

Time: 2:45 PM3:05 PM

Room: LTT 102

Related Symposium: S17

Students are expected to learn numerous reactions and develop problem solving skills in order to succeed in organic chemistry courses. I have created an interactive website with problems for students to practice as they learn to solve organic chemistry problems and the many types of reactions. The website is freely accessible (no login required) and gives immediate feedback to student users. The only requirement for the application to work is that JavaScript must be enabled on the user’s browser.