P397: Science Night to the rescue! Adventures in professor and peer-led tutoring

Author: Jemima Ingle, University of Saint Mary, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 6:00 PM7:15 PM

Room: KC

Related Symposium: S33

As with many schools, students at our small, liberal arts PUI often come to us unprepared for their science classes, particularly chemistry, and lacking the resources to be successful. Although on-campus academic resources exist, they are limited in scope and often understaffed. To address this, in 2010 we instituted a standing, on-campus, professor and peer-led open tutoring session called Science Night. This session is intentionally interdisciplinary; we have found that many of our students are in multiple science classes, often with many of the same student population. Having a single session for tutoring has fostered collaboration among the students, resulting in peer study groups that continue outside of the arranged time. Students report positive outcomes with participation in terms of their understanding of the material and their overall grades. We report here on the structure of the program, and various logistical strategies that have been successful.