P817: Student-directed research as professional development for a chemist

Author: Jason D. Powell, Ferrum College, USA


Date: 8/6/14

Time: 2:25 PM2:45 PM

Room: LMH 114

Related Symposium: S51

Having had limited success in developing a well-funded research agenda, I had to make a choice: give up on research altogether, or reinvent my approach. Taking advantage of Ferrum College’s independent research requirement for chemistry majors, I made myself available as a mentor and facilitator for undergraduate students to pursue their own research interests. What has resulted is a student-directed research program that provides real opportunities for student recruitment to the college and funding at a variety of levels. The presentation will discuss a few examples of student projects and how their interests have coalesced into a coherent research program over time, sometimes even with external funding!

P551: Integrated laboratory project involving synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties

Author: Jason D. Powell, Ferrum College, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 2:45 PM3:05 PM

Room: ASH 2302

Related Symposium: S23

Students at the undergraduate level seldom work through the full process of synthesizing, characterizing, and testing the properties of complex compounds. The synthesis of two compounds, K4PVW11O40 and K5PVW11O40, provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of condensation chemistry, clathrate compounds, polyoxometalates, UV-visible spectrophotometry, FT-IR spectroscopy, and cyclic voltammetry. Whether used at the introductory or advanced level, this experiment can help provide students with a greater understanding of several major concepts across many sub-fields of chemistry. Initial development of this multi-session laboratory activity in a laboratory-based inorganic chemistry course will be discussed as well as student learning outcomes from completing the activity.