P508: Downwardly mobile: Adapting VIPEr learning objects for a first-year chemistry course

Author: Hilary J. Eppley, DePauw University, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 10:35 AM10:55 AM

Room: MAK A1117

Related Symposium: S46

DePauw University has a first-year chemistry course that builds from an atoms-first approach through periodic properties to the bonding and properties of inorganic molecular species and extended solids. I will discuss my strategies for adapting existing VIPEr learning objects including laboratories, problem sets, and in-class activities aimed at more advanced students for an audience of first year students. VIPEr LOs dealing with periodic properties, bonding, extended solids, and coordination chemistry that are suitable for such application will be highlighted, and I will explain how I modified them and reported my results back to the VIPEr community. I will also point out additional learning objects that might be suitable for future adaptation for general chemistry classes and show audience members how to share their own downwardly mobile applications of existing LOs.