P69: Emergent themes of research in physical chemistry education [WITHDRAWN]

Author: Georgios Tsaparlis, University of Ioannina, Greece


Date: 8/3/14

Time: 4:40 PM5:00 PM

Room: LOH 164

Related Symposium: S10

The present author is editing (with Odilla E. Finlayson, of Dublin City University, Ireland, as co-editor) the 2014 special themed issue of the journal Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP), on the theme of Physical Chemistry Education. The issue is scheduled for publication in July 2014. Last year, a relevant call of papers was issued and an indicative list of topics for contribution was included. The topics were as follows: The abstract nature of physical chemistry (PC); conceptual understanding in the various sub disciplines of PC; concept learning versus mathematical approach; assessment of physical chemistry – testing for conceptual understanding or mathematical manipulation; mathematical coverage and mathematical rigor: how much and how far? problem solving related to PC; the PC laboratory; the PC curriculum; the role of textbook in the teaching of PC; the interface of PC with the other branches of chemistry or with other disciplines; PC in context; computational chemistry; use of symbolic mathematics engines for data analysis, model building, and problem solving; computer simulations and online learning; PC concepts and topics as part of general chemistry courses at second and third level; reviews and perspectives (including historical perspectives). Of necessity, not all of the above topics and all areas of PC were covered. In this paper, I will discuss the range of topics covered by the submitted manuscripts, and will identify areas and topics where research is urgently needed. Where appropriate, reference to previous relevant research will be made. Finally, the implications for PC education will be discussed.