P884: Chemistry… A tale of terror


Author: Eduardo Orrego, Saint Thom‡s University at Copiap—, Chile

Co-Author: Maria Luisa Rojas Godoy and Cristian PŽrez Mar’n, Saint Thom‡s University at Copiap—, Chile

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 3:40 PM4:00 PM

Room: MAN 102

Related Symposium: S62

In learning of sciences, exist variable multiple that determinate a successful learning. Statistics show a low performance in courses as mathematics and chemistry. This reprobation rate remains critical in the university. Our work is focused on analysis of the perception of teaching-learning process of sciences in school levels, express by student that enter to undergraduate careers of health area in the university, and their academic evolution when they uses a mechanism of academic support. Using the platform Surveymonkey, we made a survey to 50% of total students that are entering and making studies in the three first years of undergraduate careers of health (nursing and kinesiology); this survey was focused into know the perception of their school academic training in sciences. Additionally, was analyzed academic register of each semester of sciences courses (mathematics, biology, chemistry) and the data basis of Learning Center of University (CAp), from we can analyze rate of assistance (use) to CAp and approval /reprobation rate of students into each science course. From students polled, a ninety percent feel interested by sciences; but only a 13,3% likes chemistry. Between factors only a thirty percent indicate that teacher was key. By another side, seventeen percent indicate that never likes chemistry, related with a 63% that indicate the teacher mistake in something. Related to CAp support, was observed a full impact between students that uses it. 80% of students that assist to CAp, period 2011-2013, was capable to approve chemistry course.