P799: Chemistry in the Community: Keeping chemistry relevant for high school students

Author: Cece Schwennsen, Cate School, USA

Co-Author: Michael Mury and Steve Long, American Chemical Society, ACS

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 10:35 AM10:55 AM

Room: MAK A1117

Related Symposium: S65

For over twenty-five years and six editions, Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom) has been used in high school classrooms across the United States and the world. ChemCom focuses on teaching chemistry through societal issues and not only provides students with chemistry content knowledge over-layed with context, but also develops students’ science practices skills. The 6th edition further develops students cognitive and science skills while retaining a need-to-know instruction model. Students constantly make decisions which are relevant to decisions they will have to make in real world settings such as food choices and energy choices. Examples of contexts and activities from the text will be provided.