P408: Survey of industrial organic chemists: Curricular needs of B.S. chemists

Author: Justin D. Fair, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Co-Author: Carl R. LeBlond, Elyse M. Kleist and Dylan M. Stoy, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Date: 8/5/14

Time: 10:15 AM10:35 AM

Room: LMH 176

Related Symposium: S3

A survey was conducted of companies from the chemical industry with an emphasis on organic divisions. The data includes results from 377 respondents from more than 100 different companies. This survey sheds light on 1) the current chemical methods, techniques and instrumentation used in industry, 2) which attributes/abilities chemical companies desire in newly-minted bachelor’s level chemists, and 3) how the survey data compares to the current focus on academic training in the United States.