P185: Presentation of the capstone experience in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati

Author: Bruce S. Ault, University of Cincinnati, USA


Date: 8/4/14

Time: 11:10 AM11:30 AM

Room: MAK A2117

Related Symposium: S20

The capstone requirement for the four undergraduate degree programs in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Cincinnati has two required components, undergraduate research and a senior seminar class. Senior Seminar (CHEM5080) focuses on preparing students for “life after graduation” and on providing the soft skills needed for success as young professionals. This course, in turn, is a sequel to Sophomore Seminar (CHEM2080) which begins the process of helping students to develop career paths as well as soft skills. Within the research component of the capstone, both oral presentations and written reports are required. The overall capstone is assessed through a grade in the senior seminar course and a capstone assessment rubric for the research component. Details of both components will be discussed.