P875: Integrating and assessing information literacy in a large introductory chemistry course [WITHDRAWN]

Author: Brian Winterman, Indiana University, USA

Co-Author: Cathrine Reck, Indiana University, USA

Date: 8/6/14

Time: 4:40 PM5:00 PM

Room: MAK B1112

Related Symposium: S61

A librarian and chemistry professor collaborated to integrate an information literacy module with a large required chemistry course (C117; 700 students) that was designed to enable students to use information in a sequential and increasingly complex manner. The primary learning goals were to have students 1) investigate the nature and structure of information and how it is reflected in the context of science, 2) summarize different types of information (of increasing complexity) and make connections between them, 3) understand the variable formats of available documents, and 4) practice data analysis and reporting. Information literacy within a disciplinary context was added into the course through a series of lectures, exercises, and assignments. Assignments were chosen to enhance both information literacy outcomes and those specific to chemistry. Students learned to explore, access, and evaluate information in order to identify important literature on a topic in the discipline. Students also used the literature to synthesize existing information with their own reflective analysis on a topic. Student learning was assessed using various exercises, assignments, and carefully-designed rubrics. It is anticipated that information literacy will provide a framework for developing future course and program-level learning outcomes, model exercises, and assessment tools. Presenters will share assignment design and structure, results of assessments, and possible future directions for program-level integration.