P137: Guided inquiry experiment for teaching thermochemical concepts based on green chemistry principles

Author: Brandi L. Baldock, University of Oregon, USA

Co-Author: Deborah Berkshire Exton and Thomas J. Greenbowe, University of Oregon, USA

Date: 8/4/14

Time: 9:55 AM10:15 AM

Room: LMH 114

Related Symposium: S7

University General Chemistry is a required course for most STEM majors. Students find the material difficult to understand due to the inclusion of mathematical techniques and abstract science concepts and principles. The manner in which the material is presented in lecture (didactic versus inquiry), and the manner in which the students perform laboratory activities (verification versus inquiry) both have an impact on the relative success of students. We have implemented a series of inquiry-based laboratory activities in our General Chemistry laboratory course at the University of Oregon. In this presentation, we will describe a new laboratory experiment that uses inquiry-based learning activities involving sustainable materials and green chemistry principles to teach students about thermochemical concepts. This talk will focus on the influence these activities have on student understanding of thermochemical concepts, as assessed by their performance in the new ACS Computer Scenario Laboratory Exam.