P383: Inquiry-driven learning to develop and improve a green UV-VIS spectroscopic analysis

Author: Alba D. Queiroz Ferreira, FACP-Faculdade de Paul’nia, Brazil

Co-Author: Daniel Batista and Alba D. Queiroz Ferreira, FACP-Faculdade de Paul’nia, Brazil

Date: 8/4/14

Time: 6:00 PM7:15 PM

Room: KC

Related Symposium: S33

During the development and improvement of a green method based on the molybdate/peroxide system, we identified opportunities to encourage the critical thinking skills using metacognitive strategies among upper division undergraduate students of chemistry. The experiments were carried out using two instruments that are conceptually distinct. The innovative instrument, with LEDs as light source, was compared with a conventional scanning UV-VIS spectrophotometer. In addition to the questions on the instrumental parameters, these experiments also address the aqueous molybdate chemistry and its green profile. The calibration procedures in both instruments and the results from the molybdate test sticks generated additional questions to investigate the potential and limitations of this method. The reagents are low cost, safe, and the volumes of the diluted samples are small. This inquiry lab is suitable for groups working in three sections of two hours, besides the pre- and post-lab discussions.