P526: Points or no points? The impact of point incentives for online homework on test performance in general chemistry

Author: Alan P. Lundstedt, University of Cincinnati, USA


Date: 8/5/14

Time: 4:40 PM5:00 PM

Room: LTT 103

Related Symposium: S13

Despite the benefits to learning, many students – particularly in introductory college courses – do not do their homework. How can today’s college students be motivated to do their homework? Does doing homework really help students do better on tests? During a three-year study of general chemistry students, the relationship between points awarded for online homework and test performance in general chemistry was studied using an alternating treatment design. The percentage of homework completed was generally higher when points were awarded, and average test scores were slightly but significantly greater for students that completed their homework. The design, methodology, and factors influencing the results will be presented.